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Last Update:  August 18, 2014 

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Blacks sterilized by eugenics program in 20th Century America 

Blacks sterilized by eugenics program funded by Margaret Sanger's financier 


MAAFA 21 [A documentary on eugenics and genocide]
This video explores the link between abortion and black genocide.

Holocaust: The Euthanasia Program
This video provides an overview of the euthanasia programs of Nazi Germany, which murdered 200,000 people who were “useless eaters,
” “feeble-minded,” “morons,” “idiots”  - “life unworthy of life.”


War on the Weak: Eugenics in America
This documentary depicts the U.S. eugenic legislation throughout the early 20th Century and chronicles the compulsory
sterilization faced by many Americans. "War on the Weak" also discusses the U.S. Supreme Court case of Buck v. Bell
and the parallels present among U.S. and Nazi ideologies on the nature of eugenics are presented. The documentary
concludes with a look at modern genetic research and leaves the viewer with the hopeful message of a society free of
ailments but warns of the dangers on science that is not kept in check with the moral values of humanity.


Forced Abortion and Sterilization


Architecture Of Doom Nazi Eugenics
A Peter Cohen film narrated by Sam Gray

CNN Reports Eugenics in California: Forced Sterilization

Disability as a Human Rights Issue

Inspirational Video for People With Disabilities
This is an inspirational video that briefly reviews the stories of famous disabled people who improved the human condition –
and who would not have survived Nazi or American euthanasia fishing nets.  



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