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Pregnancy: Law, Health, and Dangers

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Last Update:  March 13, 2016 

The Social and Economic Costs of Abortion
In addition to John D. Mueller's paper, this video also contains brief presentations on the costs of family breakdown.

Drive To Halve Stillbirths And Neonatal Deaths - Rebecca Williams reports

Kevin Burke discusses the "Impact of Abortion on Men"


Worlds First Womb Transplant
Eggsploitation:  Maggie's Story from The Center for Bioethics & Culture Network. 
It is the trailer from a documentary short which explores one woman’s journey through
egg donation and its physical and emotional health consequences for her. 
The trailer is free, but there is a small charge to order to full documentary.
Mother Asked Why She Didn't Have Abortion, Answer
Touches Hearts of Her Critics - Erika Kurre


Environmental Chemicals are Big Pregnancy Risk, Docs Say


Treating Depression During Pregnancy
Amillia Taylor is the world’s youngest premature baby ever to survive

Healthier Humans or Designer Babies. Should scientists be playing GOD ?

Anti-Abortion Provision Halts Human Trafficking Bill

VIDEO:  Domestic Abuse Against Pregnant Women

The Women's Rights Conundrum Of Sex-Selective Abortion

Domestic Abuse During Pregnancy


Forced Abortion and Sterilization

Pregnant women could get more security

Justice Antonin Scalia talks about Roe v. Wade.

MAAFA 21 [A documentary on eugenics and genocide]


Chance Matters
Doctors told her that her son would not survive, but he did.
They said he would never walk, talk, or read, but he can do all three.


Choosing Thomas: Inside a family's decision to let their son live, if only for a brief time

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Pregnancy: Law, Health, and Dangers