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Last Update:  April 12, 2014    

American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists -    
  Over 2,500 members and associates, whose purpose is to reaffirm the unique value and dignity of individual human life
   in all stages of growth and development from fertilization onward. They are recognized by the American College of    
   Obstetricians and Gynecologists  (ACOG) as a special interest group within the College.

Association for Interdisciplinary Research in Values and Social Change
   A professional organization for pro-life researchers and educators which offers a forum to exchange ideas of scientific and social science

Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University
   The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University was founded in 2006 on the belief that the vitality and sustainability of any
    society depend on the extent to which it expands opportunities early in life for all children to achieve their full potential and engage in
    responsible and productive citizenship. We view healthy child development as the foundation of economic prosperity, strong communities,
    and a just society, and our mission is to advance that vision by using science to enhance child well-being through innovations in policy
    and practice.

Center for Worklife Law at the Hastings College of Law
CDC Abortion Surveillance
Feminists For Nonviolent Choices
  Feminists For Nonviolent Choices is a pro-life, pro-woman organization that seeks to open minds to its philosophy of pro-life feminism,
  the belief that all people, by virtue of their human dignity, have a right to live without violence from conception to natural death.

National Advocates for Pregnant Women
Perinatal Hospice  
This website provides resources for parents and caregivers when there is a diagnosis that indicates the baby will die
   before or shortly after birth.  As the home page indicates:“Please know that support is available (see the links on this
   site for perinatal hospice/palliative care programs and other resources) and that you are not alone. Parents who have
   traveled this path before you have found that it can be a beautiful, profoundly meaningful, and healing jour
Perinatal Partners for Life
Support information & encouragement for carrying a baby to term with an adverse prenatal diagnosis and support for raising your child
   with special needs after birth

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) is an independent organization that uses medicine and science to stop mass atrocities and severe
    human rights violations against individuals. We use our investigations and expertise to advocate for the:
·        Prevention of individual or small scale acts of violence from becoming mass atrocities
        Protection of internationally-guaranteed rights of individuals and civilian populations
 ·         Prosecution of those who violate human rights
Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA)
  Information on insecticides and their toxic impact on children. Many are designed to attack an insect's brain and nervous system,
   which can mean they have neurotoxic effects in humans as well. Herbicides are more widely used  and present chronic exposure risks,
   such as cancer and reproductive harm. Fungicides are also used in large amounts; some are more benign, some are not.For example,
   In utero
exposure to the pesticide chlorpyrifos has been linked to changes
Pontifical Academy for Life 
Polaris Project  For a World Without Slavery
This website provides an overview of the many forms of human trafficking, including laws and statistics as well as an
  opportunity for reporting human trafficking online or through a hotline, 1-888-373-7888.

Pregnancy Discrimination  
  US Government website hosted by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, reviews types of pregnancy discrimination types, laws,
   regulations and general guidance.

Reproductive Research Audit  
   Website reviews “methodology of scientific studies on reproductive health issues.”

The Science of Unborn Human Life
Stop Bullying
   A US Department of Health and Human Service Website that provides information on  who is at risk for bullying, cyber bullying,.
   prevention o bullying, and stopping bullying
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
The World Expert Consortium for Abortion Research and Education (WECARE)
   WECARE brings together credentialed scientists with a research program on the physical, psychological, and/or relational
   effects of abortion to engage in international research collaboration, scientific information dissemination, professional
   education, and legal consultation. By adopting a non-religious, non-partisan approach to understanding the implications
   of abortion, WECARE exists to enhance the quality of information, develop strategies for effectively transmitting research
   findings, and to break down barriers to evidence-based medicine.


The Human Family Research Center