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Last Update:  October 11, 2015 
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Apostolate of Death
Aaron Kheriaty
First Things,
April, 2015

Provided in this article is an excellent overview of the legal and ethical issues surrounding the assisted suicide debate,
focusing on several troubling aspects of the debate not usually covered in popular media reports.
Canada Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Medically Assisted Suicide,
Valerie Powell,
Jurist Magazine, University of Pittsburgh School of Law, 2/6/15

This article explains the recent unanimous decision of the Supreme Court of Canada to strike down
the country's ban on medically assisted suicide


Should assisted suicide be legal? (Includes video of debate)
A broadcast debate sponsored by
Intelligence Squared U.S.,
at the Kaufman Music Center in New York November 20, 2014.

Two teams (Peter Singer, Princeton, and Andrew Solomon, Columbia argued in favor of the motion
and Baroness Ilora Finlay, a palliative care physician and Dr. Daniel
Sulmasy, University of Chicago a
rgued against the motion).  California recently became the fifth state to leg
alize assisted suicide. 
One in six Americans now live in states where assisted suicide is legal.


Carter v. Canada, Stare Decisis and the Right to Life in Physician-Assisted Suicide Cases
Jason Huang
Jurist Magazine
, University of Pittsburgh School of Law, 11/25/13

This article discusses the British Columbia Court of Appeals decision on assisted suicide that was appealed to the Canadian Supreme
Court in 2013 and decided by the Supreme Court in February of 2015. The article provides an analysis of reasons to oppose assisted
suicide and what the principle of right to life means in the context of assisted suicide in Canada.

Death with Dignity Act annual report shows a 43 percent rise in participation

This is a press release issued by the Washington State Department of Health on June 4, 2014. 


Death with Dignity Act

The full annual report on the Department’s 2013 Death With Dignity Act.  Among many other findings, the report said that the top reasons
reported for doctor-prescribed suicide were concern about the loss of autonomy, concern about the loss of dignity, concern about the loss
of the ability to participate in activities that make life enjoyable.

Assisted-suicide activists fail to pass bills in New England state legislatures
Paients Right Council

Since May, 2013, when an assisted-suicide bill was passed in Vermont, legislation has been introduced in several Northeastern states to legalize
doctor-prescribed suicide.  The legislation has failed in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  The legislation is “alive” in New Jersey,
but, even if it passed, Governor Christie has indicated that he opposes it.



The Human Family Research Center
Assisted Suicide