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Last Update:  March 23, 2017 
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The Roe Poll: What Americans Really Think About Roe v. Wade


Is Roe v. Wade a "super, duper precedent"?


“Not Even a Comedy Like ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Can Make Abortion Seem Normal
 by Nicole Russell,

The Federalist,
November 18, 2016


This article is an analysis of, and perhaps a warning about, the cultural acceptance and normalization of abortion as a solution to social and economic problems. A link to the show itself is also included.



No Medical Evidence Finds Abortion Can Save a Mother’s Life
by David Reardon,, Nov. 4, 2016


This article examines the question of whether or not abortion is ever needed to save a woman’s life.


This is chart that explains the current constitutional status of post-viability abortion bans and organizes these bans into six categories according to the type of post-viability abortions permitted.  The chart also lists the nine states that do not restrict post-viability abortions in any way.


Hyde @ 40:  Analyzing the Impact of the Hyde Amendment
Michael J. New, PhD,
Charlotte Lozier Institute,
On Point Issue 12 | September 2016


The Hyde Amendment has been part of the federal budget since 1976.  It prevents primarily Medicaid funds from being used to pay for abortions
excpt to save the life of the mother or in cases of rape or incest.
Research indicates that this Amendment has prevented the abortion of over two million children. 


Spousal Violence and Pregnancy Termination Among Married Women in Nigeria
Solanke Lukman Bola

African Health Sciences, June
16(2): 429–440

This is a study of Nigerian women that shows a connection between spousal abuse and risk of abortion.


Texas Lawmen and the Lawless Court
Adam J. MacLeod in Public Discourse,
July 7, 2016 

On June 27, 2016, in a 5-3 decision, the United States Supreme Court struck down several provisions of a Texas abortion statute in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt The Texas law under consideration involved regulation of abortion facilities and requirements for admitting privileges for doctors performing abortions.  The majority of the Court held that the law imposed an “undue burden” on a woman’s constitutional “right” to obtain an abortion and found that neither the admitting-privileges nor surgical-center requirement “offers medical benefits sufficient to justify the burdens upon access that each imposes and constitutes an undue burden on abortion access” and thus they violate the Constitution.  This article provides an analysis of that decision.


Abortion Ruling Ignored Medical Facts
Denise Mackura
The Cleveland Plain Dealer  7/10/16

This is a letter-to-the-editor published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer in response to the recent Supreme Court decision on abortion regulation.
How the Abortion Wars Will End -  With a Truce, Not a Bang
Charles C. Camosy,
LA Times, March 20, 2015

This editorial from the LA Times discusses changing abortion politics.  The Human Family Research Center offers it for
discussion purposes only, not as an endorsement of the views expressed.



Prior Uterine Evacuation of Pregnancy as Independent Risk Factor for Preterm Birth:  a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Gabriele Saccone, MD, Lisa Perriera, MD, Vincenzo Berghella, MD., et al
May 2016,
American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Volume 214, Issue 5, Pages 572-591

Based on 31 studies, women with a history of uterine evacuation (abortion) have a much higher risk of future preterm births.


Social and Economic Costs of Abortion
John D. Mueller,
World Congress of Families IX, October 27, 2015

This article provides an overview of the impact of abortion on divorce rates, criminal activity and its
socio-economic consequences.



A Thematic Analysis of Men's Experience With a Partner's Elective Abortion
Catherine T. Coyle and Vincent M. Rue i
Counselling and Values,
October 1, 2015

A summary of this research that explores the psychological impact of abortion on men. 
(A complete copy of the research is available at the Wiley Online Library for a small charge)



This article debunks the claim that legalized abortion reduces the crime rate as claimed by author Steven Levitt
in his book

The Chilean abortion paradox: Even when prohibited by law, abortion rates decrease
Dr. Elard Koch,
The Melisa Institute, 11/7/2014,

In a series of peer-reviewed articles, the idea that making abortion illegal leads to an increase in maternal deaths is debunked. 
The article also discusses the impact of maternal support programs on vulnerable women.


Abortion & Down Syndrome: An Apology for Letting Slip the Dogs of Twitterwar,
Richard Dawkins on his website,
August 21, 2014.

This is a statement by Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and noted atheist regarding a tweet he sent on August 20, 2014,
in which he recommended that a woman whose unborn child was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome should abort that child
if early in pregnancy because it “
might actually be immoral from the point of view of the child’s own welfare.”

Response to Richard Dawkins by Wesley Smith, attorney, author, bioethicist:


A MA Meta-analysis of the Association Between Induced Abortion and Breast Cancer Risk Among Chinese Females  
Yubei Huang, Xiaoliang Zhang, Weiqin Li, et al
Cancer Causes Control. 2014;25(2):227-236, 4/11/13

This meta-analysis reviewed 36 studies and concluded that, compared to people without any history of induced abortion,
an increased risk of breast cancer was observed among females who had at least one induced abortion.



'The Trial the World is Watching': The 1972 Prosecution of Derk Crichton and James Watts, Abortion,
and the Regulation of the Medical Profession in Apartheid South Africa

Klausen SM.,

Med Hist. 2014 Apr;58(2):210-29.

This article provides an explanation of how the South African government limited illegal abortions by enforcing
South Africa’s anti-abortion law in the late 1900’s, notably through the effective prosecution of doctors who
performed them.  Although the article appears sympathetic to allowing abortions to be legally performed,
it is a good example of how governments can intervene to protect its unborn citizens


From Concept to Measurement: Operationalizing WHO’s Definition of Unsafe Abortion
Bela Ganatra, Özge Tunçalp, Heidi Bart Johnston, et al
Bulletin of the World Health Organization
in 2014



Steinberg’s Latest Effort to Obscure the Well-Established Link Between Abortion and Women’s Mental Health
Priscilla K. Coleman, PhD,

World Expert Consortium for Abortion Research and Education (WECARE)
February 2014

Abortion and mental health: findings from the national comorbidity survey-replication.
Steinberg JR, McCulloch CE, Adler NE.
Obstet Gynecol.
Feb;123(2) 2014
No Relief for Pain Bills : A commentary on the Supreme Court refusal to review the constitutionality of an Arizona law prohibiting virtually
all abortions during and after the twentieth week of pregnancy .

Paul Benjamin Linton
The Human Family Research Center
January 14, 2014

Associations between Intimate Partner Violence and Termination of Pregnancy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Megan Hall, Lucy C. Chappell, Bethany L. Parnell, et al
Plos Medicine  January 7. 2014

This meta-analysis provides evidence that intimate partner violence is strongly associated with abortion and repeat abortion

The U.S. Supreme Court's View on Late-Term Abortion
Denise Mackura
The Human Family Research Center
December 01, 2010


Consequences to Women's Health of Late-Term Abortion
Professor Priscilla Coleman PhD.,
Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies,
Bowling Green State University
October 15, 2010

American Public Opinion Regarding Late-Term Abortion
Raymond J. Adamek, PhD.,
Professor Emeritus of Sociology,
Kent State University
June 15, 2009
Abortion When the Child Can Survive; A State-by-State Review
Paul Benjamin Linton, Esq.
May 01. 2010

Fact Sheets
  Late-term Abortion: Antecedent Conditions and Consequences to Women’s Mental Health
The Human Family Research Center
 December 01, 2010




Book Review
Patrick Carroll
Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women

Angela Lanfranchi, Ian Gentles and Elizabeth Ring-Cassidy
published by the DeVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research, April, 2013

This book provides an overview of the medical, psychological, and legal aspects of abortion from the perspective
of women facing difficult pregnancies and those coping with ill-effects of the procedure.



The Human Family Research Center
Late-Term Abortion Challenges